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Resurrection - demo 2004

Dark opera about love and torture of Ophelia by Elizabeth Bathory.

Title: Resurrection
Year: 2 0 0 4   
Label: none 
Format: Demo CD
Style: Schwarz Gothic metal
  T  R  A  C  K  L  I  S  T  :



01. Overture: The Dark Secret Misteries in Carpathians
02. Erzébet Báthory´s song
03. In Autumnal Equinox
04. Ophelia's Eyes
05. Beyond Death's Embrace
06. Requiem: Funeral of the Lost Soul
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Extra Info:

Produced by Forever Slave
Cover model and Artwork by Lady Angellyca:

If you love darkness, true vamp and romanticism, you must get Resurrection, the new cd of Forever Slave, which is an opera-metal about the life of Elizabeth Bathory. Her female lovers, her love and hate, her tortures, sexual passions... Perhaps this could be darkest opera about Elizabeth Bathory which has been composed by somebody.

Resurrection is a demo cd where you will find dark ambients, violins, chorus, a main female voice and powerful guitars by Sergio and Os.
Special thanks to Kristian Gundersen (guitar and singer in bands like
Sirenia, New Breed or Elusive) for collaborates in lyrics and Elena Rizzo




02 Erzsebet Bathory´s song

According to history
Satan will come back
He is a woman
her name is Báthory
sinner of blood
song from Hell
a lover of young beautiful skins

Nunc et in hora
mortis nostrae
Ora pronovis sanguisque
Gratia plena

Because of her tears
The Countess lusts for her
Her hand caresses her breast
blood excites her skin
She licks Death
Lilith´s daughter
was born again

Beyond the dark
There is a place
Where your cries
become sheer silence 
03 In Autumnal Equinox

By the rivers and hills
He went, my friend,
neither battles nor blood
he couldn't stop

But the moon and the stars told me he cried
And his tears dreamt of her lover and ill cousin

In her bed of death
He said he loved her
she closed her eyes
he will avenge on Death
His rival is Death
He hopes he could fight now

I feel she will be mine forever
My friend solitude sings my Requiem
In his hands a dagger, metal caressing his chest

My friend solitude sings my Requiem
Nights cover my sorrow in autumnal equinox
Gotas de sangre corren por su pecho
Noches enteras hablan de su sueńo

El susurro del mar trae sus palabras
En la noche de los muertos habla su alma
Rosas negras en invierno, lágrimas de sangre
El lamento de sus huesos, estremecen mi cuerpo
04 Ophelia's Eyes

Many years ago...
I walked out one day
when the dark woods fell before my eyes
I carelessly went astray 
in the cold of the darkness
I overheard a maid

In her sorrow she bewailed
her lover is fighting in war
Because the rage is his blood

In her eyes
In her eyes
There is a mystery

Many years ago...
I left my life behind 
because of the rage that overcomes me
I coyly filled
my hands with blood
I lost my friends

In her sorrow she bewailed
her lover is fighting in war 
Because rage is his blood

In her eyes
trees are watching her
they are witnessing love and mysteries 


05 Beyond Death's Embrace

You'll never feel
my blood again
For you this means 
the end of all 
your sorrows

Your eternal life, 
the end of your tears
and when the sunrise 
starts to appear , 
you will be gone
When daylight dies, 
velvet night will be my guardian 
to shelter my immortal soul

Death's souls: Erzebet sits close to her
she starts to lick her breasts
Then lust and blood
begin to become one 
With whispers of death

Countess: When lust and blood
begin to become one 
With whispers of death
fire will burn her soul out

Ophelia: Lilith's daughter, 
you can't steal my soul

Priest: She loves Satan...With whispers
of death...She mentions his name

She enjoys the rippling of blood
and sings: Hail Satan

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